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I litre of Tears

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February 4th, 2007

Fellow disabled people that have been fathered by nature, friends of the "Tampopo society" brought me to a teahouse. In the store(tea house) called Barouque, they had Chen Baroque pieces. Next time when it's n ice I'd like to come here, I said, and Yamad-san smiled.
I went to Jun-chan's house. She can't hear (is deaf) but she can speak naturally through sign language. Jun-chan's personality is lovely. I memorized a little bit of sign language. I want to become better at it and become a close friend of Jun-chan. Jun chan's mother resembles my mom very much (in her emotions).
What I learned from my disabled friends:
1. With being a disabled person if you are always timid you won't be able to change yourself.
2. Instead of persuing those who have already passed away, you should be trying to raise the amount of yourself that will be left behind.
3. Don't think that you are smart of things like that, it will only make you feel miserable about yourself.

January 27th, 2007

Mother asked what's wrong.
It's been a long time since I moved on my own, it's fun. I replied but in my heart the words were too complex that I couldn't say them.
I'll practice going as far as to the bookstore.
Looking outside through the window, it was raining.
Wiping the kitchen floors, cleaning the toilent, I want to move in ways that are helpful.
I wanted to run into something with full energy.
My studies aren't going along so well. I chuckle to that I still haven't lost my guts at being a school student.
My younger sister is the chair. My father is the car. In sum both make a wheelchair. (Aya was using puns through katakana to say her sister and father help her and worded it as they were parts of a wheelchair)
(?) Where the wheelchairs are lined up in the hospital hallway when my younger sister said let's play with the wheelchairs, mother said t hat we shouldn't be riding na dplaying on the wheelchairs and that by doing that it would be an insult to people who have to ride wheelchairs (people who can't move on their own).
Even to this day I can't forget those words.
[She writes a sentence about a friend]
I'm quikcly beginning to seem like I'm becomming more number/insensitive.

end chapter.
I have started on the chapter where Ayafan had last stopped http://diaryofaya.blogspot.com/.
I found it hard to do translations so forgive me for any mistakes I made. >.<

"Aya, I'll buy you a wheelchair, okay" said mom
"What!?" (Aya)
Mom began to speak alot about it.
"The hallways have hand rails but at the times where you are getting across (somewhere) it's dangerous isn't it. Because of your standing posture, sitting, crawling, (?) and then standing(again) this is when you get impatient and when you change your movements you often turn about. Even if you want to go out by yourself you can't, at those times if you had an electromotive wheelchair [note: some brand name of wheelchair I didn't know..] then even if yo udon't have strength in your arms, you can easily move and even slopes would be fine (for you). It goes about 5 Kilometers per hour so it's the same speed as if you were walking and so there is no danger and it's operation is simple and it's of the best quality. But you can't be neglagent (about it's use)did I elaborate it (enough)? she asked.

I could freely go outside (thinking of) this simple pleasure, I felt like the world had suddenly expanded. I had wanted to take my actions by myself [wanted to be able to controll her actions herself].
Memorizing a books title, even if its not fun, "i'm going out to buy it" that book, this book, the bookstore, it's like a dream that I could be able to get ahold of them.
Untill I go to the special skool I'll master how to controll(the wheelchair) and try it outside.
The wheelchair company people brought the wheelchair to me. I saw the assembly. On the bottom it has two batteries. The motor moves in a circular motion.

"Aya try it out. You grip this rode and back and fourth, left and right, you can move towards the direction you want to go."

I want to sit on it. If I overturn what's ahead of me a little then i've advanced slowly.

Releasing a small sound as it moves and turns around. I tryed all I could to study (how to use it) but briefly the character/person I hold before me I don't like, I started to cry.


End of part one. =.= took me a few hours to translate this part of a short chapter but it's my first time trying to translate a novel, so I guess that's not bad maybe? ^^;

Hopefully I can finish the rest soon.

Hello All

はじめまして~ Welcome to 1リットルの涙 (1 litre of tears)
This site is in honor of Kitou Aya the inspiration for the 1 litre of tears drama and the writer of the 1 litre of tears book (A collection of her diarys)

Although I know 2 other people have been translating the chapers of her diaries, I know that lately there haven't been any updates. Therefore I decided I would try and translate some chapers in the meantime ( >.< It's very hard and time consuming but I try my best)

Hopefully between http://diaryofaya.blogspot.com/ her site, and http://www.xanga.com/OneLitre?nextdate=3%2f25%2f2006+5%3a32%3a35.077&direction=n their site, we can someday complete the book.

I think that Aya's story is a powerfull story and is one that should be available in other languages besides Japanese so that people can be touched by her story. Kitou Aya was a young girl who fought dearly to survive through a devistating disease and her journal is proof of her will to survive untill she died.

Hope you all enjoy. ^_^;
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